Guest Spots: “Havin’ Thangs”

Big Mike f/ Pimp C – “Havin’ Thangs
from Somethin’ Serious (Rap-A-Lot/Priority, 1994)

“Havin’ Thangs” is probably the stand-out track from Somethin’ Serious, the debut album from one-time Convict and erstwhile Geto Boy, Big Mike. Pimp C does his thing here, producing a beat with that swamp funk style he would later perfect on Super Tight. He also kills it on the hook, with his memorable refrain about having fly hoes and chains and swanging thangs, while Mike holds it down more than adequately on the verses.

“Havin’ Thangs” also managed to get some play on the soundtrack tip by making an appearance on the soundtrack to Dangerous Minds. No one ever remembers that it appeared on that joint though, as it gets (unfairly, imo) overshadowed by Coolio and LV’s magnum opus “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

A sequel to the original was recorded in 2006—somewhat unimaginatively called “Havin’ Thangs ’06″—which appeared on Pimp’s third solo album Pimpalation. As sequels go, it’s not bad, if only because Pimp actually has a verse on it and because it’s one of the few tracks from that album that he actually had a hand in producing.