Site News: New Domain… Fresh Start

Welcome to the new home of The Trill Connection. Wipe your feet.

For those of you out there who have followed me here from the old BlogSpot site, you already know the score. The rest of this post isn’t really meant for you. It’s mostly for the new-comers.

To those aforementioned new-comers: I’ll spare you from a long-winded introduction, since I doubt you’re here to listen to me talk. I’m Percy Mack and this is The Trill Connection.

The main focus of this blog is to try to catalog the 20+ year long discography of legendary rap duo UGK, especially their guest verses on other people’s albums. If you don’t already know about the Underground Kingz, you need a late pass along with a copy of Ridin’ Dirty.

As anyone who is familiar with their body of work can attest to, Pimp C and Bun B have rhymed on a lot of tracks—whether it be together as a group or separately—and most of them appeared on albums that are long out-of-print by now. For a group whose influence has been so far-reaching in southern hip-hop (or just hip-hop in general really), their non-album and guest appearance material can be a pain to track down and document properly.

Luckily, with a little help from modern technology these tracks can be easily liberated and be made available for the masses once again. I will be posting them here along with whatever relevant information I can find to give the tracks some background.

But I won’t stop at just music. Over time, you should be able to find a wealth of UGK-related minutiae here, ranging from music videos, to interviews, to whatever else I can get my grubby paws on. The only thing you won’t find here is any of UGK’s studio albums or solo projects. If you want those joints, you should be supportive and buy that shit.

P.S. From now on, visiting the old BlogSpot site will re-direct you here. Don’t worry though: that site’s content hasn’t been lost. I’m currently working on migrating the posts to their new home here. But the process will be slow, mostly because I’m a perfectionist and will probably be re-writing the majority of them.

P.P.S. I’d like to give a shout-out to Dante Carfanga from Numero Group: By the Numbers for the picture of the UGK mural that I used for this site’s banner and the background of the old BlogSpot site. I never acknowledged him before, so I just wanted to do so now.