Guest Spots: “My Bitch”

MDDL FNGZ f/ UGK – “My Bitch

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from Trouble (Perfecto, 2000)

As long as we’re on the subject of unused tracks from the Ridin’ Dirty sessions, let’s talk about “My Bitch” by UGK and the MDDL FNGZ. It’s unique amongst the left-overs, since it came pretty damn close to actually appearing on the album.

At the time, the track was titled “Black Horse (My Bitch)” because of Pimp C’s use of a slowed down sample taken from “White Horse” by Danish synth-pop duo Laid Back. Judging by the early version of Ridin’ Dirty‘s back cover art, it was originally slated to be track five, sandwiched in-between “Pinky Ring” and “Diamonds & Wood.”

Unfortunately, it never made the official tracklist and went unreleased. Some time around 1999 it started making the rounds on a bunch of bootlegs and fake advance/promo CDs* for Dirty Money, although it was called “Be My Bitch” on a few of those. It wasn’t until 2000 that it saw an official release, when it was used for the debut by Bun B’s side group the MDDL FNGZ and re-titled as simply “My Bitch.”

*The Unreleased Trill Ass Shit bootleg is a good example of what I’m talking about.