Singles: “Front, Back & Side to Side” (Promo CDS)


UGK – “Front, Back & Side to Side (Extended Clean Remix)

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from Front, Back & Side to Side promotional CD single (Jive, 1994)

For the longest time, I thought that the “Front, Back & Side to Side” single was only ever available on 12″ vinyl. Well, it turns out that I was wrong. A few months back, I stumbled across this CD version of the single during one of my ritualistic late-night eBay auction crawls. It’s probably needless to say, but I snapped that sum’bitch up with the quickness. Ha ha.

Besides the obvious differences in sound quality, the biggest difference between the CD and vinyl pressings is the tracklist: the 12″ single includes the LP version and the remix instrumental, while the CD single is missing both. Personally, I think having CD quality versions of the radio and extended edits of the remix to this UGK classic more than makes up for any missing tracks.


  1. Clean Radio Edit
  2. Clean Radio Remix
  3. Extended Clean Remix

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