Videos: UGK in San Antonio, TX (Circa 1994)

I think this video is probably the best thing that I ever had posted to the old BlogSpot site. This video was recorded during a 1994 concert in San Antonio, TX that featured UGK alongside DJ K-Sam (of p.k.o.) and Twice the Power. Pimp and Bun were still pretty new to the rap world at this point, having just dropped their major label debut two years earlier. “Pocket Full of Stones” and “Front, Back & Side to Side” were making waves in the streets and they were poised to release their sophomore album Super Tight.

While the video quality is pretty bad (I’m sure the YouTube compression didn’t help matters), it’s really great to see UGK tearing up a show at such an early point in their career. They hit the stage at about 3:50 in or so.

You can peep the rest of the concert here, here, and here.

UPDATE: Looks like the videos were taken down. Anybody save ’em?

UPDATE II: Noz was kind enough to re-up these clips. Be sure to check ’em out. The fourth part is missing though, so if anybody has that, be sure to get at one of us.