Reviews: Trill O.G.’s Extras

Trill O.G. (Best Buy Deluxe Edition)

The Best Buy version isn’t really that much different from the regular one. There isn’t any discernible difference in the artwork—I would have liked it if they used the above prelim artwork instead—and the tracklist on the back gives the only indication that what you have is the deluxe version.

It comes with four extra tracks and a bonus DVD where Bun gives a run-down on the album’s content (sans the bonus cuts). It’s an interesting look into the making of the album, which is pretty cool.

17.) “Gladiator” f/ Truck Buck

Does this dude Truck Buck have an actual verse here, or is he just on the intro? I actually liked this track quite a bit, but I would have liked to hear the MDDL FNGZ on it alongside Bun. It struck me as a posse cut kind of affair, but without the posse part.

18.) “Sext Me” f/ a bunch of worthless broads

Ugh. I couldn’t even make it through the first minute of this track.

19.) “Real Live” f/ The Gator Man, GLC

Ah, this is a welcome change after the previous track. I’m not really sure why this was given “tacked on bonus track” status, as it’s a pretty strong album cut. I probably would have replaced “Snow Money” with this track. Also, it’s not really a complaint, but GLC sounds like he’s channeling the Pimp something fierce.

20.) “Git In” f/ Big Capp, Young Money Moe

This is another strong album cut, and it’s kind of wasted as a bonus track. Couldn’t they have axed one of the Drake/Boi-1da joints and put this on the actual album?

Trill O.G. (iTunes Edition)

In comparison, the iTunes version is much weaker. It either has one or two bonus tracks, depending on how you ordered the album: if you pre-ordered it, you got “The Best is Back” and “Untitled Flow (58 Bars)” while if you bought it last Tuesday or later, you only got “The Best is Back.”

17.) “The Best is Back”

If it wasn’t for “Chuuch!!!” being on the album proper, I could see this serving as the intro track. Since I don’t fuck with iTunes, I would have liked to see this replace the horrible “Sext Me” on the Best Buy version.

18.) “Untitled Flow (58 Bars)”

It’s a neat little one-off I guess, but I can see why it’s just a bonus track. If you didn’t bother to pre-order the album, you aren’t missing out on very much. It doesn’t add much to the album, but it doesn’t make it any worse either.

So, what are my final thoughts? If you’re going to buy Trill O.G., get the Best Buy version. It’s the strongest in terms of extras, with three pretty good (and one that is terrible) tracks and a cool bonus DVD.

I would also make a custom tracklist of the album that removes the weakest tracks (bye Drake!) and adds in the best of the bonus tracks to compensate. But that’s just me.