Lyrics: An Excerpt from “’93 Mac”

“Uh, welcome to the motherfuckin’ ’93 super ho convention, bitch
Uh, ha ha. Motherfuckin’ ’93 macs in the motherfuckin’ house
You just slipped and slid into another lick (?) of that weed square, baby
Big baby, the Soul Baby, check it

Shit, I just got outta jail on a Friday
Called up my bitch, told my n*ggas where to find me
Gotta come up, gotta get some fresh drugs
Gotta go to Houston cause they give me much love
Cook up the powder, cut them cookies, sell them rocks
I get a fist of crack and then I stepped out on the block
These young little motherfuckers out here don’t remember me
I’m the big crack daddy, a.k.a. Pimp C
N*gga back in stride cause I been locked down
For my pocket full of stones, so n*gga put me down
I want my kush (?) back, I want my bitch back
I wanna buy some gold and get a brand new ‘lac
Smooth like Miller, let’s filler (?), wanna ride
So pass me the pussy, let me hit the fat tonight
Port Town n*gga with a trunk full of beats
Mac man rolling down the motherfuckin’ ghetto streets, bitch
So tell ’em I told ya!”

Pimp C, “’93 Mac” from the Super Tight sessions (Jive, 1993/1994ish)