Lyrics: An Excerpt from “Here They Come”

“Here they come, here they come
Here the motherfuckers come, but a trill ass n*gga won’t run
I got too many guns cause my n*ggas got my back
And we like to smoke pigs just for motherfuckin’ fun
So I sit back and watch ’em come up
Take a hit of that fry and pick my gun up
They there go, there they go, to the back of my home
Put my clip in my chrome, shoot him dead in his dome
Bloody murder, bloody murder, watch him bleed, watch him bleed
Go back to the pack, taste that seed, taste that seed
I know that them laws comin’ to get me
But I don’t really think I’ll let them hoes get with me
So I go to the back and I grab a grenade
Die motherfucker, die motherfucker, fade
You ain’t about to take “C” cause I ain’t the fuckin’ one
So tell them hoe ass laws: Bring they ass! Let ’em come!”

Pimp C, “Here They Come” from the Super Tight sessions (Jive, 1993/1994ish)