Singles: “Use Me Up” (Promo CDS)

UGK – “Use Me Up (Chris Trevett Mix with Intro)

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from Use Me Up promo CD single (Jive/Bigtyme, 1993)

You can consider this a companion to the “Something Good” CD single from awhile ago. There are a few versions of the “Use Me Up” single, four by my count at least: two vinyl* and two CD**. This single has the most tracks out of the four: it includes the Chris Trevett mix, the extended mix, the Ghetto Jeep and Hip-Hop remixes, their instrumentals, and an instrumental for the LP version.

While the majority of those tracks were available on vinyl, these particular versions are crystal clear quality. If you have heard the rip of the promo 12″ that is floating around, there is just no comparison between the two. (I do have a rip that a homie made for me that is immaculate though; I’ll be posting that eventually.)

But what really makes this disc special are the instrumentals for the Ghetto Jeep and Hip-Hop remixes. As far as I know, they were only ever officially released on this CD. Also exclusive to the single is the elusive Chris Trevett mix—with intro and without—but unlike the remix instrumentals it’s not anything special. It’s still an interesting oddity though, if nothing else.


  1. LP Version
  2. Chris Trevett Mix w/o Intro
  3. Chris Trevett Mix w/ Intro
  4. Extended Remix
  5. Ghetto Jeep Mix
  6. Hip Hop Mix
  7. Hip Hop Instrumental
  8. Ghetto Jeep Instrumental
  9. LP Instrumental

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* One 12″ is a promo single that includes the LP instrumental, while the other has the instrumental replaced by the posse cut “Texas” that UGK did with DJ Bird, Ganksta C, and Ron C.
** One CD is the one showcased in this post, while the other is the Dutch promo I posted way back when.