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Pimp C Beat Drop

EDITOR’S NOTE: These beat posts are just revisits from the old blog. I thought it would be appropriate to bring them back for today. #RIPPimpC, #UGK4Life

“Gimme thirty thousand and I’ll serve you some heat
I’ll write your rhymes, sang the hook, and I’ll make you a beat.”

Pimp C, “Life Is 2009” from Underground Kingz (Jive, 2006)

This post will be the first in a series where I’ll be looking at Pimp C’s extensive production catalog, but focusing on tracks that don’t feature any Pimp or Bun guest verses. Of course, the problem is that Pimp did tons of beats for obscure local dudes and a lot of their albums have pretty sketchy production credits and can be hard to find on top of that. But I’ll give it my best shot to post what I know to be beats that Pimp created or had a hand in.

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